Momma’s 12 Days of Christmas Presents The Lucky Pie by Anna of Murphy Must Have Had Kids

Murphy Must Have Had Kids:

Visit Momma Be Thy Name today to see my post in her 12 Days of Christmas. Comment and you will be entered to win some great prizes!

*UPDATE! If you donate $1.00 to my chosen charity, you earn an additional entry for the prizes. Simply go to: and send $1.00 to Make sure to indicate my name (Anna Sorgard) and my cause (Love 146) in the memo line so Momma can sort out which cause your donation will go to. Thanks!


Originally posted on Stephanie Bernaba:

Anna Being a full-time momma to two little ones means that Murphy’s Law is in full effect. All the time. Before kids, I taught grade one and figured that a few of my own children would be a cinch. HA. I blog at Murphy Must Have Had Kids and connect through Facebook as well.



My grandma was a doctor’s daughter, one of seven children, from a big brick house in a tiny Canadian prairie town.  When we were kids, my brother and I cross-country skied across the frozen barley field from our farm to hers. As we neared her yard, we saw her silhouetted through the picture window in the living room. She dropped everything to  watch for us. Sometimes she even did a little dance, and my grandpa chuckled from his brown armchair in the corner. When we walked in that door, we were all that…

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  1. I think that is such a cool idea!! What a great way to remember your grandma too.

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