Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in one picture


As a full-time momma of an 18 month old and an almost-5 year old, my 2012 revolved around cuddling, chasing, refereeing and laughing with my children. This picture captured a moment in mid-2012 when the chaos paused, the crying ceased and the whining quieted. I was reminded of why I do this…why I wanted two, why I feel so blessed to have both a boy and a girl. I’ve got thousands of pictures I could have chosen but this one seemed to sum it all up.

8 responses

  1. Really powerful — I think you have very well encapsulated your year in just one image. Beautiful!


  2. It brought a tear to my eye. The blessing of siblings! And a moment of peace.

  3. Those moments of peace make the other 95% of the day all worth it. 😉

  4. I miss those days! My kids are all teenagers and we have a lot of fun together but I definitely loved those moments! They went by too fast!

    1. April, it seems to have really sped up since I had my daughter. Some days I’d love to hit the ‘pause’ button. 🙂 I can’t imagine teenagers…I suppose as the kids grow, the parents grow too, right?

  5. You have caught the meaning of your year so well.

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