No, Mommy Blogging is Not a Step Back For Feminism

we can blog itAs a new “mommy blogger” myself, it was with great amusement and minor annoyance that I read this article by Amana Manori on The Huffington Post Canada today.

According to Ms.Manori, women who blog strictly about motherhood are “[depicting themselves] as a crazy mother who is obsessed with canning baby food or the latest gizmo for their child’s nursery. Also, they probably don’t think that others see them as living in a bubble with no other interests than raising their bubble children.”

News flash Ms.Manori: We don’t care what you or anyone else thinks. We are confident enough in our very conscious decisions to raise our children and discuss raising our children in whatever ways we like.

It appears to me that Ms.Manori typed up her anti-mommy-blogger post just to get some hits on her own blog. Actually, I’m not sure why she calls herself a feminist, because she’s telling a huge group of other women that they are doing it all wrong. The Oxford English Dictionary defines a feminist as “an advocate or supporter of the rights and equality of women.” Ms.Manori is not advocating or supporting anyone in this post.  (See MomasteryParenting, Illustrated With Crappy Pictures for some examples of high quality mommy bloggers.)

She also demeans men by saying “I cringe at the thought that a man will read these blogs, in turn reinforcing antiquated ideas of women in the home.” I’m not sure what kind of men she hangs out with, but the men in my life value, respect and admire me for putting my career on the back burner for a few years to raise up two confident, kind, and giving members of society.  My posts about the ins and outs of my crazy days at home with two little ones make the men in my life laugh and smile.

Now that I’ve gotten all of this off my chest, perhaps I will go and can some organic baby food. Once I’m done that I will sit and google “gizmos” for my child’s nursery. On second thought, I’ll just go to sleep. That’s the only thing I obsess about these days.

13 responses

  1. She should read your blog… “Canning and gizmos” yeesh.

    1. lol! I’ve always thought canning would be a good thing to do. I thought I’d have all this spare time when I “stayed home” with my kids. Ha!

  2. I thought the same thing reading Manori’s mummy-blogging bashing article! Glad I am not the only one.

  3. well said, you stick up for us mummy bloogers whoop whoop xxxxxx

  4. I think what is failed to be seen by her is that people can choose not to read our blogs. If someone blogs about making organic baby food that is their right. This could be useful information to a new mom. If you are a mom who wants to buy baby food that is perfectly fine; you don’t have to read about how to make organic baby food. I clearly don’t see how writing a blog about your experiences as a mother can be harmful to anyone. If you don’t like what the blogger’s message is….don’t read it…I’m not using torture methods to make people read mine!

    1. Read my blog or I will take away all of your chocolate! 😉

  5. Amen Sister!!! Oh didn’t get me started on this subject….

  6. I’m glad to see other “mommy bloggers” feel the same way! She really could have worded her post differently. I think she was trying to get across that we need to make sure not to lose ourselves in motherhood. I wish she would have just said that.

  7. Yeah. That post was annoying. Some blogs focus on vegetarian food. Or hiking. Nobody criticizes those and suggests they should branch out to prove that their life is more than vegetarian food or hiking. Some blogs are parenting/child focused. Who cares?

    (And thanks for mentioning mine as a parenting blog that doesn’t suck.)

    PS – I did make my own baby food. Sorry, feminism. lol

    1. Aww…my first “celebrity blogger” comment. 🙂

  8. you’re so right… its great that you have time to raise your two wonderful children, and you choose to give up sleep so you can share your thoughts with us…. we are much better off for it!

    1. Thank you, whoever you are! 🙂

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