Funny Places Toddlers Put Stuff

One of my toddler daughter’s favorite pastimes is moving things from one place to another. Take her to a library or bookstore and she meticulously transfers a pile of books to a shelf across the room. Take her to Starbucks and she stacks the yogurt neatly beside the juice boxes. Take her to a hardware store and she drops the screws and nails into new places. At a toy store, every stuffie moves from shelf A to shelf B. Around the house, I’m always laughing as I find interesting little surprises that my daughter has set up for me to discover.

She gives me very creative ideas for supper:



She gets my slippers ready for me when I’m in the shower:


She makes sure her brother can always find his underwear:


She ensures that my hairspray is warmed up in the morning:


She knows how to make me smile when I’m putting the dishes away at night:


If I need an orange bucket, she finds one for me:


And my favorite…even salad dressing needs a little love sometimes:


Have you found anything around your house that your toddler has re-arranged? 🙂

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  1. This is adorable. My 3 yr old granddaughter just left after a visit and I am torn between wanting to find things to remind me of her and not wanting to remember she is gone and tear up 🙂 Enjoy your children; they grow up so fast!!

    1. 🙂 Aww…does she live far away?

      1. They recently moved to New Orleans, which is better than Temecula, CA – must closer, but still 10-12 hours away!! 🙂

  2. Love it! My nephew used to have SO much fun pushing around a bear-shaped honey bottle in his toy stroller.

    1. Adorable. I’m tempted to go and buy that honey just to see what A does when she finds it in the cupboard.

  3. Things IN the shoes is a big one around here! We are now very careful putting them on as you could very well step on a toy or a handful of blueberries!

  4. My son likes to carry things around and put them in the garbage cans so much that we bought him his own personal mini-garbage can. It’s a little one with a foot handle and he gets such a kick out of opening it, closing it, and putting all his toys in it. My son has a deep fascination with trash!

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