Weekly Photo Challenge: Color (Looking for Worms)

Looking for worms

It was a warm, rainy day. The children were restless in the house. They’d played with toys, watched a show on TV, played with Playdoh and eaten countless snacks.  They started chasing each other around and around the circle on our main floor and I knew it was time to get outside. After little A’s nap we bundled up in heavy-duty rain coats and headed out.

My daughter loves worms, and calls them “nerms,” which is adorable. When she finds one, she picks it up in her bare hands, runs to me, holds it up and proudly announces “Nerm! Mommy! Nerm!”

Her big brother had the idea to put them in the back of a plastic truck, and a new game was born. Soon, they each had a truck and were racing around our cul-de-sac seeing who could find the biggest worm, the smallest worm, the wiggliest worm, and on and on.

I love giving children the space and time to come up with their own games. It’s tempting to sign them up for more classes to fill our (sometimes long and arduous) days but moments like this make me grateful that I am at home with them for these very short years.

I’m not giving anything up by staying home. I’m gaining so, so much.

5 responses

  1. I am a big fan of unstructured time which allows for creativity to flourish. Kids have the rest of their lives to follow the clock and have their days scheduled for them. Let them know freedom now! 🙂

  2. I love watching/listening to the fun games the kids come up with. Sometimes I struggle with the feeling that I NEED to have them signed up in classes. Like I’m not a good mom if they aren’t signed up for a class each day or 4 weeks of day camp in the summer cause well, that’s what good moms do around here in order to keep their children from missing out on anything. So thanks for this reminder :).

    1. I notice out here it seems more laid-back. I still second-guess myself though. I guess it’s all about balance.

  3. It’s wonderful how children build up their own toys and games!
    Imagine if you missed them ,committed elsewhere!
    Be happy with your fantastic kids!

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