Weekly Photo Challenge: In the background


My children’s favourite playgrounds aren’t made of metal and hard plastic. They aren’t painted with garish primary colours. They don’t conform to the latest safety regulations. They aren’t surrounded by rings of houses, fences or busy city streets. They don’t have swings or slides or monkey bars. There are no crowds.

My children’s favourite playgrounds have hundred-year-old trees to climb and crawl inside. They are painted with the colours of nature: green and brown, gray and blue, a million different colours. Thousands and thousands of rocks are waiting to be picked up and flung into rivers, lakes and the ocean. Herons, woodpeckers, sea lions, sea otters, crabs, raccoons, squirrels, woodpeckers, ducks and fish pop up at the most surprising moments in the strangest of places.

There are places to hide, places to run free and places to curl up and rest.

The trees stand guard, in the background. Always there and always green, their shadows unmoving as the children dance among them.

4 responses

  1. Beautifully written! Love the splash of pink in the nature picture. That’s how I see A: a splash of lovely light in our vast world. When I hear of you and your kids, it makes me miss you all so much! Wish we were closer 🙂

  2. Love your version of a playground! Nice take on the theme.

  3. Ah, paradise…so happy you’ve joined the rest of us and am as content as we are!

  4. bethar@shaw.ca | Reply

    My gosh hope she wasn’t on that path alone…pretty cute, what did she think she was doing? Great to have them out in the fresh air, exploring nature….hope all is well, take care all…love…Gr Gramma B xoxo

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