Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

LightsThe minute I saw the subject for this week’s weekly photo challenge I knew I had just taken a perfect picture for it. It’s a little blurry but captures the excitement that’s going on in our house now. Ages 2 and 5, my children are at the ideal age to revel in the magic of Christmas. Our neighbours had their lights up early this year, in mid-November, and my son insisted we follow suit ASAP. Of course one string of lights wasn’t enough; we had to stretch out all the lights we could find all around our family room. My daughter (almost 2.5) was right in on it this year. My son is the perfect teacher, bringing her up to snuff on all that is important about preparing for Christmas.

One response

  1. Kids plus Christmas spells magical moments that fills our hearts with joy and laughter. Family is a priceless blessing and gift every second of everyday. Best wishes to you and your family.

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