Oh, bedtime.

Sunday. The night I love. Time for quiet. The night my freshly-turned-one-year-old decides to become a toddler.

What was once a soothing, relatively easy bedtime routine suddenly turns on its heel and becomes an all-out sporting event.  Flipping and flopping like a slippery fish, Little A does not want to wear a diaper.  I finagle her onto her back and somehow slap the sticky tabs on the diaper, lopsided. We cuddle for a few minutes, then I slip her a pink soother and put her favourite My First Dolly right onto her face, the way she likes. I turn on the lullabies and tiptoe out.

Two minutes later I’m back, summoned by calls of “Mah-mah! Mah-mah!” She has flung the soother out of the crib (on purpose) and is joyfully banging her head into the mattress and giggling. As I lift her out to rock her, I sing her favourite “Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral” over and over. Her bright blue eyes finally start to waver, closing, closing, almost asleep…then fly open, focused on a tiny speck of light on the ceiling. Her tiny finger points and waves madly at the light. “Ah! Ah!” she yells, willing me to stop rocking and look up at the wonder she has discovered.

I am blessed.

4 responses

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  2. Yes, you’re right, we are related across the Atlantic 🙂

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